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Friday, February 5, 2010


Apparently, I just needed to complain about the FBI clearances. 

Late yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from FedEx that someone needed to be home this morning to sign for a package. I thought maybe, just maybe, it's our clearances. 

Turns out it was! They came this morning, hallelujah!

One more item marked off the list....


  1. Yay! Our FBI clearances took forever too. I think we got his back in 4 weeks, but I had to redo my fingerprints and it took 8 weeks. But, I'm so glad you finally got yours! Keep on checking things off that list! :)

  2. Wow!! Is that a skill you can market???

  3. Hi Nancy! Found you in searching around - our family is adopting from Ethiopia too - we're in the Nashville area. We just recently got our FBI clearances which took forever and are STILL waiting forever on our I-171 now. UGH!

  4. We are kind of on the same schedule = maybe we will travel together!!