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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Melkam Gena!

Christmas is January 7th in Ethiopia, so we decided to have a celebration of our own. We made some yummy Doro Wat (traditional Ethiopian stew). It was really spicy, but we enjoyed it! Lilli even ate some.

Even though Ethiopians do not give gifts like we do in America, we received a great gift today...our CIS fingerprint appointments! Yea! It looks like we will have all the paperwork done by the end of the month and will just need to complete our home study and wait for our I-171H to come.

So on that note, I wish you a Melkam Gena (Merry Christmas)!


  1. Yay! That is a great gift! Hopefully you will receive your 171-H as quickly as we did (2 days)!

  2. Congrats on adopting!! We started about the same time (beginning of December), but I think we're falling behind you guys!

    By the way, when I saw your comment, I thought - my cousins are adopting? - their last name is Cornwell too :)